At the Pine Rivers Learning and Development Centre, we are committed to the concept of high quality, developmentally appropriate education, care, health and safety for young children. We offer a range of facilities to promote these concepts.

Music Program

A mature, motivated music specialist runs our free music program for children from 15months to 5 years on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays during school terms.  The program is designed to promote fun, love of music, develop creativity, movement and rhythm and large and small muscle development. We condcuct three concerts a year where families are encouraged to attend to celebrate this fun and enjoyment.


With both a worm farm and a vegetable garden, the children can  foster curiosity and problem solving and develop knowledge and involvement in group projects. This is then extended into the kitchen where they cook with their produce and sample the end product.


A large adventure playground with a megadeck to climb, gardens to explore nature and hide in, space to run with real grass and a bridge to cross. This outdoor space fosters curiosity, problem solving and adventure.


The mud patch is at the end of a water course which curves under the bridge. Just getting dirty is fun not to mention the sensory experiences and dramatic play.